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Jesus Christ of Nazareth modeled the highest form of emotional intelligence, connecting the hearts of humanity: love in action. Using His acute awareness, words, intonation, body language, and self-control, Jesus won the hearts of the people who encountered Him from the youngest to the oldest; He positively impacted people’s lives. What if you could do the same?

The Emotional Intelligence in Christ Project is a learning system that includes assessments, a book, a study guide, a course, and coaching. There are four ways you can start your Emotional Intelligence in Christ journey today — Take an assessment, get the book (which includes the assessments), register for the course, or get the study guide.

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In a confusing world, with high stresses, Christians know that our model for doing life right is Jesus Christ.  However, learning the “how” of living like Jesus can often be confusing in and of itself, and we wonder where to start.  This program provides a clear biblical path for the student in showing how Jesus was the perfect example of emotional intelligence, and then following up with specific assessments, behaviors, skills and tools to get us on our way.  You’ll find your own situation in the many scriptural case studies, and answers for your own “how.”

Dr. John Townsend

John Townsend, Ph.D.

Author of the New York Times bestselling Boundaries series, Psychologist Founder, Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling, and the Townsend Leadership Group

The Biblical EIQ Assessment

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Emotional Intelligence in Christ is the activation of the Holy Spirit within us to discern and manage our emotions and behavior in a way that honors God by loving others as well as Jesus did. Jesus was, and still is, masterful when relating and connecting to us in a meaningful and life-changing way, regardless of physical and emotional location.

The EIQ assessment is an excellent start toward understanding your emotions and that of others.

Learn where you are today by taking the assessment.

The Book

The Emotional Intelligence in Christ book provides tools, case studies, real-world applications, and the Chavous, Cummins, Miller, and Voges EIC model, teaching you how to become emotionally intelligent in Christ.

As you read through this book, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Encounter the living Christ so much so that your ability to love and be loved is expanded
  • See how Jesus, the ultimate leader in EIC, impacted so many lives with varied personalities, backgrounds, and stories
  • Learn how to influence behavior with the EIC method through its connection with Biblical DISC.

The book is a great value. It includes an EIC journal is included along with 2 Assessments: Biblical and EIQ. Step out of your old ways into Christ’s way today!

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The Course

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The Emotional Intelligence in Christ Self Paced Course for a $395 Value Includes: 

  • Biblical DISC personality assessment with 8 page report | $45.00 Value
  • Biblical EIQ Emotional Intelligence assessment with 8 page report | $45.00 Value
  • 12 hours of teaching in 8 lessons with 35 manageable topics
  • In-depth coaching questions to help bring the material to life
  • A Journal for you to build awareness and transfer learnings
  • Prayer with each lesson
  • Quarterly EIC Community Building Webinars 

The EIC Team

Estella Chavous, Ed.D


Dr. Estella Chavous is an experienced educator, communicator, author, global marketer, and wellbeing consultant. She is the co-host of the Edge God In podcast.


Rich Cummins serves as the President and CEO of Lead Like Jesus, a global leadership training and equipping organization with ministry centers in 24 nations.

Lauren E. Miller, M.Ed.

Lauren E. Miller, M.Ed.

Lauren E. Miller, M.Ed. is stress relief expert, award winning author, motivational speaker, HRD trainer, Edge God In podcast co-host, and certified executive and life coach.

Ken Voges

Ken Voges

Ken Voges is the founder and President of In His Grace, Inc., a human resource consulting company. Ken is a a Biblical behavioral scientist and was an elder at BridgePoint Bible Church for 40 years.

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